Extra training camp after the Budapest Judo Grand Prix - 2018.05.14.

This year IJF Budapest Judo Grand Prix, with the total prize money of 100.000 USD, will be held between 10-12 August in the Hungarian capital. The event of the International Judo Federation World Tour is part of the competitions of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games’ qualification period. However, Hungary’s GP can be attractive for other reason as well.


The Grand Prix is going to be organized six weeks before Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku stages the IJF World Championships 2018. This IJF World Tour competition will be the last one before this years’s Judo Worlds and it perfectly fits into the preparation programmes.

The Budapest Judo Grand Prix will followed by a five-day international training camp, from 13 August to 17 August in the Olympic Center of Tata. IJF Member Federations can participate at the camp (not only those judoka who competed in Budapest).

During the camp training sessions will be the following: two hous in the morning (10:00-12:00) and two hours in the afternoon (16:00-18:00), this means sixteen hours totally.

Hungary is looking forward to welcome the judoka!
The invitation of the training camp: Please CLICK HERE!